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Grumpy Dinosaur - Herbal Tisane

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Your Minty Treat To Calm The Grouchiest Of Thunder Lizards

"Once upon a time there was a Grumpy Dinosaur. ""Why are you so grumpy?"" Mr. Funnigan the bear asked (he just happened to live next door). ""I'm grumpy because I don't have any friends,"" he replied. So Mr. Funnigan the bear became Grumpy Dinosaur's friend. The End. 

Whether it's a tummy ache making you sad, or you're just feeling down; this mint tisane will help fix just that. The sharp peppermint and whimsical spearmint are complimented perfectly with soft vanilla bean. And if that doesn't work, it also pairs well with Bourbon.

- T-We Tea

  • Herbal Tisane Brewing

    Bring water to a boil

    2 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 5+ minutes

    Try resteeping your leaves